Cinematographer and operator, but especially, passionate about the image and about its techniques of the 35mm in the HD by way of all the new photographic equipments. Of the classic recording in that in Steadicam and helicoptered. Equiped with a Phamtom HD High speed and with Canon EOS 5D Mark II.


I meet technical and artistic challenges. Commercials (Luxury, sport, viral), clip, fiction, documentary, corporate, I shall take a very particular care of working the image to the closest to the customer request.


I was able to surround myself in the course of my career of talented people who follow me even today.


Working with 2D, 3D graphic designers, flamistes, timers and the other artists videos to various companies known as Mikros, Medialab, Digimage, Flash of lightning, Buff, Forêt Bleue, Banc public and the others. I know the broadcasting links which could be useful for you.


My skills in post-production during several years within various production companies as for example at Leo Burnett (Garnier), Venus (Noah, Amel Bent, Kyo, Céline Dion), Mac Cann, Oversea production (L’Oréal), Broadcaster (Nike), etc. will be one more.